Science or Sensationalism?


Max Points: 5.0

Science or Sensationalism?

Public perception often becomes the gateway to innovation and change. Therefore, and seemingly more now than ever, the media, private companies, and even public organizations may present information that contains political agendas, slanted/biased viewpoints, misleading statistics, or even blatant propaganda, in an effort either to influence popular opinion, or to further bolster the conventional beliefs and convictions of their target audience.

Read “Legal Liability, Intellectual Property and Genetically Modified Crops: Their Impact on World Agriculture” and “Greenpeace: Stopping Amazon Deforestation for Soybeans,” located within the required readings.

How would you classify these articles-are they creditable, factual, unbiased, etc., and why or why not? How could these environmental articles be used positively and negatively? Make sure your reasoning and examples differ from those that have already been posted.

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