Your course grade will be based on original research and a report that you will write (as a team) on the U. S. pharmaceutical industry and Pfizer, Inc. You will be assigned to a group and your group will be assigned to either internal or external analysis. The external analysis should be an application of the material covered in Chapter 3 of your textbook. Please note that an industry analysis focuses on the industry, competitors, and trends of the entire 5 pharmaceutical industry – not Pfizer. The internal analysis should be an application of the material covered in Chapter 4. The outlines for both projects are provided below. Your final projects should be rich in detail and well supported by properly cited (APA) secondary sources. I encourage you to use the Business Source Ultimate database that is available through the link to the university library.


I Overview

2) Describe the “External Forces that Affect Organizations” that are relevant to the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry a. Economic Variables (see Table 3-1) b. Social, Cultural and Demographic forces c. Political, governmental and legal forces d. Technological forces e. Social responsibility

III Develop a 5-Forces model for this industry. Discuss the implications.

IV Develop and discuss an External Factor Evaluation Matrix for the industry.

5) Discuss the competitive forces and major competitors in this industry. Develop and discuss a Competitive Profile Matrix.

VI Define and discuss the opportunities and threats that might influence Pfizer.

VII Conclusions.


I Overview

2) Describe Pfizer’s strategic approach to the marketplace.

III Discuss the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Discuss the company’s competitive advantage.

IV Discuss the company’s functional strategies a. Management b. Marketing c. Research & development d. Social Responsibility 6

5) Develop a complete financial analysis of Pfizer. Discuss the company’s overall financial situation.

VI Develop and discuss an Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix.

VII Conclusion

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