See detailed description and answer ALL questions.

This involves a discussion of the issues related to the Jesse Gelsinger case at the University of Pennsylvania. Read the Obasogie blog (… The Obasogie article identifies at least three areas in the University of Pennsylvania clinical trial that presented serious ethical problems: (1) consent form that did not adequately report results of pre-clinical animal data; (2) lack of reporting of adverse reactions in the clinical trial among the study volunteers; and (3) substantial financial conflicts of interest. The Principal Investigator, Dr. James Wilson, as a result of the investigation was asked by the FDA to write an article for the scientific community about lessons learned from this tragic event 10 years after Jesse’s death.

Choose one of the ethical issues in the Jesse Gelsinger case and relate it to one of the lessons learned in Dr. Wilson’s article (attached below) and write one to two paragraphs for your post. Describe what reforms or new directions in terms of gene therapy trials and human subjects Dr. Wilson recommended as a result of the events of this case. Include your reaction to these recommendations- Do you think they are adequate to address the ethical issues raised? Do you think there are other approaches that should be considered to reduce the risk of these ethical lapses?

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