See detailed instructions and rubric attached

In this critical reflection, you will choose one ethical issue raised in our clinical problems reviewed in this Module. we identified 3 ethical issues, including: (1) Determining carrier status of other minor children in a family and disclosing results to the parents; (2) Direct to consumer genetic testing for APOE status; and (3) Provider duty to communicate genetic testing results to other at risk family members in the context of inherited cancer syndromes. Choose one of these issues to incorporate in your Critical Reflection assignment and one other content area or topic we have learned about in our readings that you want to reflect upon. For the ethical issue you have chosen from these clinical problems and the concept or content area you have chosen from previous course readings, reflect on and write about your responses to the following questions:

  • What did you learn? (I learned that…..)
  • How did I learn it? (I learned this through…)
  • What does it matter to me as a nurse? (This learning matters to me because….)
  • What will I do in my future as a nurse in light of this learning? (In light of this learning, I will…)