Your self-reflection should connect your learning (i.e. text, lecture) from this week’s module to specific aspects of your experience, the example should be relevant to the learning, and statements should be based on evidence (i.e. from text and lecture) and supported with your personal examples. And of course, it should be well written.

The self-reflection should include the following:

1. Describe the theory/concept/idea from your learning.

2. Describe the context of your experience. What, Where, When, Who. What did you do? What did others do?

3. Explain your learning: You could use the following prompts. “I learned that”…Express an important learning outcome, not just a statement of fact and not only in the context of the experience. “I learned this when”…Connect the learning to specific activities that gave rise to it. “This learning matters because”… Why does this matter to you (personally or professionally) and to the other involved? “In light of this learning, I will”…Explain if you will change your future behaviors, and the associated benefits and challenges of that change (or not).

Please Reading first PDF to finish it. And the second PDF is how can get high grade. Also, this class is a community class.