Soil Structure and Chemistry Lab Report Paper

In your Introduction, you should introduce the topic of soil properties and then narrow your

focus towards our specific study. Include a general hypothesis and specific predictions

contrasting the two sites. Include at least one outside source to supplement your introduction of

the topic (this can be the same source used in Discussion).

In Methods, you should be able to describe how each test was performed and what equipment was

used, including any tests not done by your group directly.

For Results, you will need to create a table (Table 1) to display the data collected from the sites.

Create a column chart (Figure 1) with side-by-side columns comparing % sand, % silt, and %

clay for the two sites. As a preface, you should include introductory sentences highlighting what

is in Table 1 and Figure 1.

In Discussion, you should give a detailed comparison of the two sites, including statements

regarding if the results were expected based on the type of ecosystem. You should also include a

short discussion of a published study that looked at similar aspects of soil properties and compare

to your study.

All references, including your textbook, should be listed in the Literature Cited section using CSE

Name-Year style. All references need a parenthetical citation in the text along with the full listing

in the Literature Cited.