SOWK617 USC Week 6 Right to Treatment of Serious Mental Illness Paper

Please use the following to create research paper addressing the following:

Focus 2: Access & Engagement:

Make It Easier to Get Good Care

•Early identification and intervention for youth •

Crisis intervention services development •

Continuum of care with outpatient services as alternatives to inpatient care/psychiatric bed capacity •

Reassessment of civil commitment standards and processes •

Use of new technologies to increase access e.g., telehealth

1) Identify an area of interest/challenge within the area of addiction treatment. Examples of this can be drug court or safe injection sites. Choosing an area of interest/challenge is not required, but will be helpful in narrowing your research.

2) Look at the above SAMHSA 5 recommendations (above) to improve care for persons who live with serious mental illness (which includes addiction). Remember, this course focuses on a population of people who live with addiction and this topic is the focus of this assignment. There is no writing required for this section; you will just be considering.

3) Choose 1 Focus and answer the following questions, consider the bullet points that are naturally relevant to your interest within the Focus. PLEASE USE ALL HEADINGS AS LISTED BELOW.

  • Provide a brief history and current context of your area of interest, using professional/academic literature and/or official websites. (The PowerPoint stack, Changing Focus: The Right to Treatment of Serious Mental Illness, can be used, as well as the references listed on the last slide.)
  • Explain how you suggest to successfully implement each value/bullet point under the Focus Area. List each bullet point as a separate heading.
  • What barriers are you aware of that would impede your implementation and how would you suggest managing this barrier?
  • Briefly share your final thoughts about what you have learned in this research.

Here is the correct format of your paper.

This paper should be no longer than 7 pages (not counting cover and reference pages) and include at least 5 academic references. The paper should demonstrate the results of your literature review and knowledge that you have gained from this class. Please use proper APA referencing style.

Please include in citations from following references:

Maté, Gabor. (2010). In the realm of the hungry ghost: Close encounters with addiction. North Atlantic Books. (There are no actual assigned chapters for this books. The student should pace reading throughout the semester and be prepared for classroom discussions.)…

McNeece, C. A. & DiNitto, D. (2012). Chemical dependency: A systems approach. (4th Ed.) Allyn & Bacon.


Khantzian, E. J., & Albanese, M. J. (2008). Understanding addiction as self-medication.

Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. Chapters 3 & 4.

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