Specify what software you would use to improve the management of the customer relationship

 Customer Relationship Management

You read about CRM in your Reading area as well as the use of social media. CRM software is used by many companies whether small, medium, or large as is social media since it helps build relationships at minimal cost to the business. Now you will research available CRM software and propose a solution to a business scenario problem. Your submission will be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with audio which is a useful skill to have on your resume as it can be used in training and proposals among other uses.

· Research CRM technology on the Internet to see how it functions.

Read the scenario and address the checklist items.


Envirotruck is a company that produces energy efficient all-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive trucks (twice that of their competition) with ample clearance for construction and rough terrain applications in the U.S. and Canada. They have been in business for two years with much success delivering to their customers via rail. The trucks are priced competitively with other all-terrain vehicles and are promoted primarily via the Internet. They now have a roster of 100,000 clients thanks to some major industrial clients. The problem that the CEO sees looking towards the future, is that each department seems to be operating as a distinct entity rather than cooperatively. A customer complains on LinkedIn that they are thinking of trying the competition as they don’t believe Envirotruck values their business. The CEO sees this comment and immediately calls a company meeting.

You are the current marketing manager and you hear about these problems prior to the meeting. You want to provide a means of resolving these issues.


· Specify what software you would use to improve the management of the customer relationship.

· Describe how it would benefit the organization.

· Specify what social media you would use to enhance the customer relationship with Envirotruck.

· Explain how the social media you chose would enhance Envirotruck’s relationship with the customer.

Submit a PowerPoint presentation of 8 (this includes the title and references) slides with audio presentation addressing the checklist items. Make sure to re-record your audio if there are any errors before submitting your presentation (such that it could be submitted to your boss) to the unit Dropbox.