SPMT 607 Strategic Plan

SPMT 607 Strategic Plan

Instructions:  The final project is a “Strategic Plan” which incorporates the previous assignments (Managerial Leadership, Governance, and Marketing Plan) and provides a final conclusion, analysis, and plan for the practical profile the student selected (Athletic Department. Each set of instructions are listed below. Please make sure you review the attached “Strategic Planning Guide”. The Lessons area also has this information in addition to a PowerPoint slide on Strategic Planning.

Athletic Department: Krakus University Athletic Department Strategic Plan

Instructions: This paper incorporates the core concepts learned in this course and affords students the opportunity to effectively communicate their analysis of, and proposal for an organization to senior managers.

Create a strategic plan for the athletic department at an NCAA Division II institution, Krakus University. The plan will be based on the information created in the first three assignments and adding any other necessary components. Krakus has been accepted as a provisional member of NCAA Division II. As part of the process, the athletic department needs to create a five-year strategic plan.

. One of the main purposes of this assignment involves the ability to analyze, synthesize, and construct finalized recommendations for the future operations, management, leadership, structure, and organizational approach for this scenario.

Create a detailed and organized plan, which will be submitted to the president and board of trustees for review.  Feel free to use charts, tables, and/or diagrams.  Also required to submit their previous assignments from week 2 (Managerial Leadership), week 4 (Governance), and week 6 (Marketing Plan) in addition to the Strategic Plan/Final Project.  Students must explain the relationship between each phase of assignments building up to the Strategic Plan and explain how each previous assignments relates and plays a role in the finalized strategic plan.

Assignment must adhere to APA format, and should be 10-15 pages in length, not including title page and references.

Note: Submitting your previous assignments from week 2, 4, and 6 is mandatory, but these pages do not count in the overall total length requirement of 10-15 pages. The 10-15 pages in length refers to your Strategic Plan document only.