how sports positively affect children.

Need today, in 3 hours The homework is 350 words, about how sports positively affect children. i have my thesis statement done so you can work off of that. there is a template that i will upload: here is the premise. i have included articles

Fill out the title page of the template.
Write your thesis statement at the top of the second page in the template. Remember that the thesis statement presents the main ideas that will be discussed in the body paragraphs.
Write at least one paragraph for each of the three supporting points of your thesis statement.
Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, include another 5 to 8 supporting sentences with details, and end with a concluding sentence that leads the reader to the next main idea and paragraph.
Double space the body paragraphs and use Times New Roman 12-point font.
Add your two scholarly article sources to the reference page at the end of the paper. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator to help you construct the reference page for this assignment. You may also consult the information you entered in your Organizing Ideas Worksheet from Week 2.

You do not need to include the introduction and conclusion paragraphs this week, as you will be working on those next week.