Staffing Management

Case Study Scenarios Worksheet
Answer the following for the corresponding Case Study Scenario. Each scenario should be answered in a total of 175 words.

Scenario 1: Staffing Management

Determine a recruitment method and sources would you use and explain your decision.

Assess what type of interview would work best when hiring someone in an entrepreneurial environment.

Determine whether or not you would use selection tests.

Scenario 2: Training and Development

Choose training and/or development programs to implement in order to keep operations employees loyal to the organization.

Evaluate the training methods you would use.

Scenario 3: Employee Relations

Assess the discipline steps to take. Determine how you would apply positive discipline.

Determine the just-cause standards you should verify before termination.

Scenario 4: Workplace Health and Safety

Assess the benefits of a wellness program.

Summarize the components you would include in the wellness program.

Scenario 5: Labor Relations/Unionization

Describe the process employees need to take in order to unionize.

Explain the rights of employees.

Assess what an employer can legally do to prevent unionization.

Scenario 6: Motivation

Explain two motivational theories.

Determine which theory would work best in this scenario to help motivate employees.


Scenario 1

You are an HR genralist at Trendy Tech, a technology company in growth

mode. Trendy Tech plans on diversifying their product offerings and expanding from their

current 100 employees to 500 employees over the next several years. They will be looking

for highly skilled technical employees. Your manager, the director of HR, is writing a

strategic plan to recruit and hire staff. The director has asked you to help by researching

topics. Use this information to answer scenario one on the HR scenarios worksheet.

Scenario 2

You are a training specialist at Elegant Estates, a property management firm

that is mature and has a stable company culture. There is no plan to either increase or

decrease staffing in the near future. Your manager, the head of training and development,

wants to come up with a training and employee development program starting next quarter,

and asks you to research training and development programs, and training methods. Use

this information to answer Scenario Two on the HR Scenarios worksheet.

Scenario 3

As an employee relations specialist, you are made aware that John Doe has

been unexpectedly absent over the last few weeks. He has not been in contact with his

supervisor during these past two weeks, and fellow co-workers have started to make note

of his absence. However, on social media, his manager has noticed that he has been quite

involved in various activities outside of work. After two weeks, John returned to work. Use

this information to answer scenario three on the HR scenarios worksheet.

Scenario 4

You are working in an HR role and have noticed that there has been an

increased amount of sick time used from a variety of employees who are complaining that

they are stressed out at work. You also notice that workforce production has been declining

from several employees. Your supervisor has asked you to research the possibility of

introducing a wellness program at work. Use this information to answer scenario four on

the HR scenarios worksheet.

Scenario 5

You are working in an HR role at a factory where the working conditions have

become poor. Employees are feeling under appreciated for the work they are producing,

and are even being asked to stay at their desks beyond normal working hours on a

consistent basis. Several employees have started to discuss the possibility of forming a

union. Use this information to answer scenario five on the HR scenarios worksheet.

Scenario 6

You are an HR business partner at a company that is resistant to the changes

taking place in the marketplace. The company needs to reduce costs, which means

eliminating some jobs, but it also wants to increase morale for the key employees that it

wants to keep on staff. You have been asked to research the best way to motivate

employees in order to increase morale and work productivity. Use this information to

answer scenario six on the HR scenarios worksheet.