Start by identifying what is included in inventor

Inventory Classification and Systems (graded)

Hello Class;
Merchandise Inventory is assets held for sale in the ordinary course of business of wholesale and retail companies. Manufacturing inventories are raw materials or WIP (Work In Process) that will be used or consumed in the production of finished goods to be sold.

iscussion topic #1
explain how inventory is presented on the balance sheet, and
what further information you found in the footnote disclosures about the inventory method and “Impairment of Inventory”, if any.

Inventoriable Costs/Cost-Flow Assumptions (graded)

Hello Class;

We read about the Perpetual and the Periodic Inventory System. Regardless of which system is used, under both, we need to assign dollar amounts to the Ending Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold so that we can trace how costs flow through the system.

1) Start by identifying what is included in inventory and then
2) discuss how each item might be treated differently in the Perpetual vs. the Periodic Inventory System.

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