Stoichiometry questions

Please answer the following questions:

1. How many grams of nitric acid are there in 60.00 cm3 of a 3.00 mol dm-3 solution?

2. Determine the mass (in g) of oxygen (Mr = 32.00) that occupies a volume of 146.7 cm3 at a pressure of 106.5 kPa and a temperature of 167 oC. Give the answer to 3 significant figures.

3. If in a reaction I produced 46.62g of product but the theoretical yield is 52.34g, what is the percentage yield of the experiment I have carried out? Express your answer to the same number of significant figures as the least accurate measurement in the question.

4. 12.00 g of hydrogen are mixed with 40.00 g of nitrogen. Assuming the reaction goes to completion, determine the maximum mass (in g) of ammonia that is produced. Give the answer to 4 significant figures.

N2 + 3H2 ⇌ 2NH3

M N = 14.01 g mol-1

M H = 1.01 g mol-1

5. Determine the mass (in grams) of ethanol that could be produced from 72.1 g of water in the following reaction. Give the answer to 3 significant figures.

C2H4 + H2O → C2H5OH

6. When 5.00 dm3 of ethane reacts with 5.00 dm3 of oxygen what volume of carbon dioxide is produced?

2C2H6(g) + 7O2(g) → 4CO2(g) + 6H2O(l)

All gas volumes are measured under the same conditions of temperature and pressure.

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