my deadline is 36 hours

I need a very competent (several tutors on this here failed my assignments and got bad grade and just wasted my money) in STRUCTURAL EQUATION MODELING. Please, if you are not very very very competent and very familiar with such subject, do not write me you can do the assignment. For first assignment (once I give the data necessary), the tutor must be able to:

A) Estimate the three equations of the model, and place the standardized slopes, unanalyzed correlations, and error coefficients on the appropriate lines. Construct the diagram.

B) Compute and report the direct, indirect, and total causal effects of each variable

C) Test the null hypothesis that this model provides an acceptable fit to the data. Use a likelihood ratio test.

More details below

I attached the assignment to do. It is a graduate level Doctoral class. Please, only if you are very competent with the subject and you know you will do the assignment PERFECTLY (A+++grade). I will have several assignments that I will have to do, therefore if I see you able to give me A+++ grade, I will always rely on you for my future assignments.

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