Substance Abuse and Resources Case Management Assignment

Lesson 9. Case Management

Why is case management important? How do non-substance-related issues such as homelessness, unemployment, health, relationships, etc. impact a person’s addiction and recovery?

Lesson 10. Documentation

A colleague confides, “I don’t understand why they put so much emphasis on charting and paperwork. I’d rather spend the extra time with the client”. What are some suggestions you would have as to why documentation and paperwork are so important?

Lesson 11. Discharge Summaries

Why are Discharge Summaries so important? What types of information would you include in a thorough discharge summary? What should a discharge summary tell you about a client?

Lesson 12. Ethics

Review the Florida Certification Board Code of Ethics (See link above). Choose a common ethical violation and write about how it happens and what can be done to avoid it.…