Sustainable AG Answer Questions

1. The focus of agroecology involves

Increasing the diversity of plants and organisms in a given area

Increasing conservation of soil-water resources

Sustaining long-term productivity of the soil

A & B only

2. Sustainable agriculture means going back to what our grandparents did or involves rejecting appropriate technology.



3. Agriculture systems can be studies from various levels of organization and viewpoints. The levels of organization include





All of the above

4. Explain three components of agricultural history that has impacted how farms are managed today.

5. The movement to domestication of agriculture involved the transition of humans from the hunter-gatherer to agriculture/crop producers. This first step of humans becoming farmers had many hurdles and losses. Explain two issues that humans encountered during this transition period, AND, explain how this problem has been resolved in the 21st century.

6. Compare and contrast what you have learned about sustainability and agroecology. Do the two terms refer to the same concept?

7. Detail and describe your understanding of the Three “E’s” of Sustainability.

8. Using an example, please describe how selection of the TYPE of farming operation can impact the cash flow / income for the business.

9. Develop a stance on conventional agriculture (either pro or con). Create an outline of information that supports your stance – be sure to relate this to whole world food supply.

10. Distinguish between incremental and transformative approach to sustainability. Use examples of where we may have seen each approach.

11. Agriculture is a dynamic practice which requires farmers and producers to adapt. Describe 3 influences/forces that require change in farming practices.

12. Write one question that summarizes at least 2 modules that we completed (for example, history and conventional practices), and develop a complete answer for this question. *Note – this is not an easy task – you will need to develop a question to describe a large amount of material. Be thoughtful when developing this question!

Module 1: What is Sustainability? What is Agroecology, and how are they different?

Module 2: The History of Agriculture

Module 3: Sustainable Farming Practices — Will it Cash Flow?

Module 4: The 3 “E”‘s of Sustainability

Module 5: Conventional Farming or Sustainable Farming…….is there a “right” or “wrong” way to produce food??

Answer every question in detail 1-3 Paragraphs

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