Team Code Ethics

Team Code of Ethics:

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what it means to practice professional and ethical behavior as a member of an inter-professional health care team. Most professions (including health care) have their own Code of Ethics that all licensees might abide by.

For this assignment, work within your team to develop a Code of Ethics for your Mission. Select the caveats you will use and make sure your code of ethics addresses any potential problems you may encounter.

You may model your code after an existing professional code. If you do, be sure to indicate which one and post a link to where you found it.

Each team member should submit the Team’s Mission code of ethics and in your own words, explain the value of a professional Code of Ethics.

College-level writing is expected which means a title and reference page and citations where appropriate.

I would like to model my own code, Thank you.

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