term paper about recycling plastic

1) What is plastic? Is it a man

made product or a natural product?

2) Choose a f

ew types of plastics and discuss how they are made. What is a


Discuss the recycling symbols used for plastics.

3) Toxicity of plastics, both in manufacturing and waste disposal. Are plastics

toxic? Do you drink from a plastic water bottle?

4) How much plastic is recycled in the US, globally (be specific with each type of


5) Can plastics be burned safely and used as a fuel? What is the BTU content of

plastic when burned? Give a definition for BTU.

6) Biodegradable plastics


hat structural features make it biodegradable?

7) What is the current status of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean. What is being

done to clean up this mess?

8) How long does it take for plastic to decompose in a landfill? In the ocean?

9) Does this i

nformation make you reconsider purchasing things that are contained

in a plastic container?

Cite scientific articles that use actual data. Be specific with information and make sure to

cite all references.

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