The Reality about Sea Level essay

Throughout the many millions of years of Earth’s history, sea level has always gone up and down. These days, earth scientists are telling us that sea level is rising. They say that the reason for this is that humans are burning fossil fuels, which warms up the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, and thus temperature increases and melts ice sheets, glaciers, snow, and other frozen formations. Is sea level rise really happening today? Do Floridians need to move out of Florida because it will get flooded? Investigate about sea level rise and write an essay about it. The questions provided above are to motivate you to investigate about the sea level rise; you do not need to answer them one by one. The essay must be written entirely in your OWN words. The essay must be at least three paragraphs long, and each paragraph must contain at least five sentences (you can write more than three paragraphs and more than five sentences per paragraph if you wish to do so). If needed, you can quote, but this does not count towards the last tally of number of paragraphs and sentences being required from your OWN writing. Use citations in parenthesis, APA style, if you paraphrase information from other authors (note: paraphrasing is not copying and changing a few words from other authors’ writings, it is writing it in your OWN words to explain other authors’ writings). Also, in your assignment use at least three references to investigate about this topic; use APA style and list your three references at the end of your essay. This assignment can be submitted twice and only the last submission will be evaluated. You must submit your assignment using SafeAssign

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