thesis and outline

The below structure and format should be utilized for this assignment.

  1. THESIS – Your thesis is the main point you want to make about a geologic topic, in a complete and independent sentence.

Your Thesis

Adapted from the Pocket Wadsworth Handbook by Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell, stated in Angel under “Lessons” tab, “Course Materials” and then “Thesis.”

Topic Area (too general)

Tentative Thesis (rough, vague) Based on Topic
Earthquakes cause a lot of damage.

Final Thesis (more precise)
Earthquakes can result in ground displacements, landslides, liquefaction, Tsunamis, and fires.

Note how this final thesis provides you with the sharpest focus that enables you to dig deeper into a topic rather than just discussing a broad area.

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