There are three factors that influence lodging demand. What are they and discuss in detail how they affect the demand?

HOSP 320 Homework Assignments Week 1-7

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 1 .

Chapter 1:
1. There are three factors that influence lodging demand. What are they and discuss in detail how they affect the demand?
2. At what time in history did the modern hotel industry emerge? What were the three contributing factors and how did they impact the industry today?
Chapter 2:
1. Define and describe the difference between work teams and quality circles and how they each might impact the motivation of employees.
2. Compare centralization and decentralization and give examples of types of hotels that might employ each.
3. List the principal functions of each major department, as well as key personnel, in a full service hotel.
One of the factors that majorly influence lodging would be airline prices. Increased prices or rather overpriced airline rates would be a deal breaker. These have a direct influence in the number of people that are travelling especially by air. The lodging demand would…

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 2 .

Chapter 3:
1. Name the functions of the front office department along with job titles and specific responsibilities of each.
2. How are housekeeping and front desk dependent upon each other for customer satisfaction and what types of communication are used to ensure that this occurs?
Chapter 4:
1. Name the functions of the housekeeping department along with job titles and specific responsibilities of each.
2. Outline the ten areas that a guest room attendant needs to cover to properly clean each guestroom.
3. List and discuss 5 ways that might be used to control loss of linens.
Front office departments are a sub-department of room department. The main aim of this department is to provide the guest the best services possible. It entails various departments such as telecommunications department, and registration, mail, and key desk. Every…

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 3 .

Chapter 5:
1. Describe and discuss the importance of the duties of the Director of Sales in a full service hotel.
2. Discuss why a one-stop contact is important for an association executive.
3. Discuss what is entailed in the job of a convention manager.
4. Discuss why communication is important between the sales department and other department and what type of communications occur.
Chapter 6:
1. Describe some actions or activities that might be classified as sexual harassment. What are the essential elements of a sexual harassment allegation?
2. List and discuss four state or federal laws that impact human resources in hotels today.
The duties of a director of sales in full service hotel are outlined below. Primarily, they are the heads of sales department and, therefore, the overseers of processes and activities that take place in hotels and conferences in which they work. As such, they…

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 4 .

Chapter 7:
1. Identify and discuss in detail three challenges and three opportunities from each of the five areas of the food and beverage departments. (hint: the easiest format is in a chart)
2. Choose three food and beverage management positions and discuss and describe three unique challenges and three managerial characteristics of each. (hint: the easiest format is in a chart)
Many hotels overlap shift changes to avoid the problems that invariably occur. This can also offset the problem of the earlier shift not cleaning or preparing for the…

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 5 .

Chapter 8:
1. Define and discuss the role of the director of security in maintaining hotel security.
2. A guest has just slipped on wet tile in the lobby, and fallen and hit her head, surrounded by other patrons. She appears to be just shaken up, but she is bleeding slightly from a cut on her forehead. Describe in detail the steps you would take to handle this situation.
Chapter 9:
1. Describe in detail the short, intermediate and long term demands on a general manager’s time.
2. Discuss the differences in the time demands of a general manager between a full service large hotel and a small limited-service hotel.
Hotel security makes sure that the customers’ belongings are safe and also that the customers are safe in the hotel premises. Among the many individuals who regularly travel worldwide, hotel security has been considered as a very important aspect when one is selecting a place to stay. Whether an individual…

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 6 .

Chapter 10:
1. How are RevPar, ADR and Occupancy are calculated and describe in detail what each tells the general manager about the success of the sales and front office department in effectively managing inventory?
2. What are allocation controls? What are availability controls? What are the benefits and disadvantages of each? (Note: disregard the side labels in the book, they are reversed. Use the actual written paragraphs for information) (hint: chart format may be easier to use)

Chapter 11:

  1. Describe and discuss the difference in a management company and a franchise company. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. (hint: chart format may be easier to use) Discussions
    o Hotel management companies (graded)
    o Franchising (graded)
    Average Daily Rate, abbreviated as ADR, is calculated by dividing Room Avenue by rooms sold. On the other occupancy is define by Stutts and Wortman (2005) is the percentage of existing rooms that were sold in the course of certain period of time. Specifically, occupancy…

HOSP 320 Homework Assignment Week 7 .

Chapter 12:

  1. Discuss the key demographics of potential buyers of timeshares as well as in detail what elements of timeshares would entice them to buy timeshare weeks over vacationing on their own in traditional lodging facilities.
  2. How is management of a timeshare different from management of traditional hotels? Be specific regarding operating procedures and guest characteristics.

Chapter 13:
1. Compare and contrast in detail the lodging and facility characteristics of activity-based facilities vs. themed facilities. What geographic areas are most conducive to each?
The key demographics of the potential buyers of timeshares include the middle to high-income people over twenty years of age. These people would like to and can afford to pay an annual timesharing fees. The most common are the…

HOSP 320 Midterm Exam Answers

(TCO 2) How might the establishment of quality circles in hotel staff improve morale? Please provide at least 2 examples.
(TCO 3) How do group arrivals differ from individual arrivals? What are the basic procedures for group arrivals on the day of arrival?
(TCO 4) A person with which type of characteristics should be recruited for the position of housekeeper? Please provide examples.
(TCO 5) What factors would you utilize to determine whether a Sales Department in a full service hotel was organized for success? Please provide an example for each.
(TCO 7) What is the Americans with Disabilities Act? What might be some reasonable accommodations for different types of disability?
(TCO 1) Per the textbook, which of these hotel employees is NOT a part of the Guest Services Staff?
Baggage Porter
Door staff
Front Desk Clerk
(TCO 2) In a large-scale full-service convention hotel, convention services and catering is usually under:
Its own department
Resort services
Sales and marketing
(TCO 2) Which of the following is not one of the key organizational trends that affect the lodging industry?
Customer focus
Job specifications
(TCO 2) In a smaller limited-service hotel, night audit, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, and sales might all report directly to:
Rooms division manager
The hotel engineer
The general manager
The controller
(TCO 3) The following are symbols used on the availability board except a:
Black X
Blue triangle
Red square
Green circle
(TCO 3) The following are part of the four direct reservations sources:
Central Reservation System
All of the above
(TCO 4) A normal time to clean a standard room is:
15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
(TCO 4) A housekeeping department has 30 employees and hired 2 new and rehired 2 housekeepers in one month. What would the turnover percentage be for the month?
18.33% ( )
(TCO 5) __________ is a document that outlines all information that departments need to contribute to the overall success of the convention.
Cancellation memo
Convention instruction memo
Function book
Follow up report
(TCO 5) The monthly forecast is the basis of the following reports except:
Report representing the month’s business that has been confirmed and that which still remains tentative
Cumulative report showing all bookings for the year, including those of the past month
Month by month listing of all definite bookings for the next three years
All cancelled business that deposits have been made on
(TCO 6) Room service normally exists in:
Full-service hotels
Limited-service hotels
Budget hotels
All of the above
(TCO 7) Oftentimes, _________ is needed to match the employees’ qualifications to the needs of the organization.
(TCO 7) The five parts of a job description include the following except:
Job summary
Essential functions
Career path

HOSP 320 Course Project Week 7 .

  1. Will you select a hotel franchise (brand) yes or no / why or why not? Once selected give a detailed review of your proposed hotel.
  2. Decide and describe what type of operating segment your hotel will operate under.
  3. Establish a target market. What analytical, demographic, and psychographic segmentation factors did you use in establishing your target market?
  4. Select an actual geographic location and target market. Give an explanation of why you selected the geographic location and target market. Give a complete description of the geographic location you selected.
  5. What are some of the current opportunities and issues that your geographic market possesses?
  6. Evaluate your actual competition (strengths and weaknesses).
  7. Establish a marketing plan for how you will attract your target market.
  8. How many rooms will your hotel have? Describe the types of rooms and the decor and furnishings you will use.Why did you choose the number of rooms and the decor and furnishing? How did your decisions relate to your target market?
  9. Develop and describe the hotel’s departments that will support the operations of the hotel.
  10. Select and describe the specific amenities that will help distinguish your hotel’s brand.
  11. What type of management organization will your hotel possess? Why did you select this type of management organization?
  12. What type of security features will your hotel have? Describe how you will implement and manage the security features you selected for your hotel.
  13. How will you manage the following hotel revenue management controls ADR, Occupancy Rate, and REVPAR. How will you control rate allocations, allocation controls, and availability controls to maximize your yield management and improve your revenue management.
  14. How will you turn a profit after several years in business?
    Projects must be 10 pages in length and a minimum of 2500 words. This does not include the cover page, table of contents, and works cited page. Please include the 14 sections above in the same sequence as listed above in your course paper. Use 12 point font, double-spaced, 1″ margins, and include a cover page, table of contents, introduction, body of the report, summary or conclusion and works cited.
    • Even though this is not a scientific-type writing assignment, and is mostly creative in nature, references are still very important. At least 6 authoritative, outside references are required (Anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). These should be listed on the last page titled “Works Cited”.
    • APA format and citations are required.
    • All . University policies are in effect including the plagiarism policy.
    • Projects are due in Week 7of this course.
    Starting up a hotel is not easy or simple as it may seem. Most people venture into the business arena with the aim of making a profit and therefore, the operational strategies are designed to meet the aim of making the highest profit as possible. Indeed, the main aim of establishing a business institution is to make a profit at the end of the…

HOSP 320 Discussions Week 1-7 All Posts 535 Pages .

HOSP 320 Hotels vs. Motels and Lodging Segments Discussions Week 1 All Posts 77 Pages .

HOSP 320 Hotels vs. Motels Discussions 1 Week 1 All Posts 40 Pages .

Describe a hotel company with which you are familiar. What are its strengths and weaknesses? What reasons would you decide to work or patronize one of these? What about the accounting department? How do they fit into the picture in the hotel organization chart? Controls are critical in a hotel operation. Anyone know what the role of a food and beverage controller is? How about a revenue manager?…

HOSP 320 Lodging Segments Discussions 2 Week 1 All Posts 37 Pages .

How is technology improving new amenities within a hotel? Let’s list a minimum of three each so we can learn from each other as far as what we have found. Take a look at an interview with a General Manager. What do you think? Is this for you? What do you thing about the Marriott guidelines covered and the career path and philosophies of this General Manager. Regardless of the type lodging operation the properties service culture is one of its most important aspects of its success. Technology should enhance the service culture. Take a look. This video clip covers guest interaction. Discuss what you watched. Would any of these concepts or ideas discussed make a big difference in the success of a hotel property? Why?…

HOSP 320 Careers in Lodging and Housekeeping Issues Discussions Week 2 All Posts 76 Pages .

HOSP 320 Careers in Lodging Discussions 1 Week 2 All Posts 40 Pages .

Often when hired by a hotel management company, you are expected to go through an extensive training program where you work in all departments. Which department do you feel you would have the most difficulty in? Why? Give some detail on a hotel concierge and what are their roles in detail. Let’s look at a few managers within the Front Office Department. What is the role of a Telecommunication/PBX manager; Registration/Guest Services Manager; Reservation Manager? Select one and give a brief description of their roles in the day to day operation of a hotel complex….

HOSP 320 Housekeeping Issues Discussions 2 Week 2 All Posts 36 Pages .

What challenges do you think you would face as an Executive Housekeeper to keep your housekeepers motivated to keep everything clean? What should the executive housekeeper incorporate into his or her department to increase the productivity of their housekeeping employees? What are the procedures an executive housekeeper might use in the linen control process? Let’s assume you were the executive housekeeper of a large resort property and you just hired several new assistant housekeepers. How would you explain to your new employees: operating stock; circulating stock; perpetual inventory; or other key procedures as they apply to inventory control and management of linens?…

HOSP 320 Role of the Marketing Manager and Role of the Human Resource Manager Discussions Week 3 All Posts 88 Pages .

HOSP 320 Role of the Marketing Manager Discussions 1 Week 3 All Posts 43 Pages .

What is the role of a marketing and sales manager for a large conference center and hotel? How about the Director of Sales and Marketing? Would you want to become part of this team? Why or why not? What is the difference between public relation activities and sales promotion activities? Give some examples, Is public relations more effective than advertising? What are the other major types of meetings a convention hotel would be interested in? Have you attended any types of meeting with your employer? Share with your classmates your experience…

HOSP 320 Role of the Human Resource Manager Discussions 2 Week 3 All Posts 45 Pages .

What are the specific roles of the human resources manager? Many folks are interested in this role. Are you one of them? Why or why not? Let’s discuss workplace discrimination. What is the Americans with Disabilities act all about? Give an example in the hospitality industry. If you can locate an Internet article that reviews a hospitality operation that has violated the American with Disabilities Act share with your classmates. Sexual harassment is a major issue in the hotel and restaurant business. What is sexual harassment? Give an example of a sexual harassment….

HOSP 320 Role of Food and Beverages in the Hotel and Food and Beverages & Profitability Discussions Week 4 All Posts 78 Pages .

HOSP 320 Role of Food and Beverages in the Hotel Discussions 1 Week 4 All Posts 41 Pages .

What are some other food and beverage outlets a hotel could use? Let’s see about room service, bar and leased out space. Can you think of any more of these? What would make your guests leave the hotel to dine? If you were a food and beverage manager how would you attract hotel guests to dine at your hotel versus dining elsewhere? If you were a food and beverage manager as how to attract customers that are not hotel guests to dine at your hotel? How can you make your food service operations a destination for non-guests of the hotel? ….

HOSP 320 Food and Beverages & Profitability Discussions 2 Week 4 All Posts 37 Pages .

What are some options the hotel can consider if they are not bringing in a profit through food and beverage? Please list at least two and let’s discuss with our peers, as we can generate some great ideas! What are some options the hotel can consider if they are not bringing in a profit through food and beverage? Please list at least two and let’s discuss with our peers, as we can generate some great ideas! Can room service be profitable? If not why? If yes why? I have a thought do you think you should complete against local restaurant that will deliver to your hotel? Can a hotel restrict deliveries? Should you get a commission from local restaurants that deliver to your hotel property?…

HOSP 320 Safety & Security and Total Quality Management Discussions Week 5 All Posts 69 Pages .

HOSP 320 Safety & Security Discussions 1 Week 5 All Posts 34 Pages .

What are some of the current issues and concerns hotel companies must content with in developing international hotels? What type of security features do we need to implement? What do you think about having security guards on hotel properties in the USA? (This is typical in many foreign hotel and restaurant locations) If you were a general manager would you have an in-house loss prevention and security program or would you out source it to an outside firm to handle? What might be the benefits and disadvantages of each?…

HOSP 320 Total Quality Management Discussions 2 Week 5 All Posts 35 Pages .

What activities should the general manager participate in to be an example of Total Quality Management? What does service, quality and value have to do with this, and what types of programs can we implement to execute this effectively? You can see about continuous improvement processes, for example. The general manager must develop a service and performance culture within his or her hotel property. Managing services can be challenging versus selling a product. Is a hotel selling an intangible product to their guests? How does a hotel tangibilize the services they sell? What is the guest really buying in a full service hotel?…

HOSP 320 Hotel Management Companies and Franchising Discussions Week 6 All Posts 73 Pages .

HOSP 320 Hotel Management Companies Discussions 1 Week 6 All Posts 38 Pages .

Why do management companies sometimes lose their contracts? In other words, what particular features should always be kept clear with the owner and the management company? Go to the Internet and find a hotel management company. Tell the class what you found, how they present themselves, what services do they offer the owners of hotel properties. What is a hotel management contract? What are the advantages to a real estate investor of hiring a company to mage their real estate investment?…

HOSP 320 Franchising Discussions 2 Week 6 All Posts 35 Pages .

Do you prefer to stay in a franchise or an independent hotel/motel? What are the reasons that make you prefer this type? Do you feel that the procedures and amenities may have a lot to do with this, as well as leadership? One of the services offered franchisees by the franchisor is “marketing And advertising programs” What is included in “in the marketing and advertising benefits the franchisee gets in the hotel industry How does it benefit the franchisee and the franchisor? Public perception might feel there are inconsistent discounting practices. Hotel management need to continue to maximize revenues based on yield management systems. What ground rules might a hotel manager use to make it more acceptable to guests? What would you do if you were a hotel manager to make the discounting or pricing administration program more acceptable to guests?…

HOSP 320 Timeshares and Resort and Theme Lodging Discussions Week 7 All Posts 74 Pages .

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Why would the management of a vacation, timeshare resort be different than a full-service convention hotel? Do you think it has to do with the type of segmentation that they focus on to bring to the resort? Has anyone taken advantage of taking a tour of a timeshare property? What do you think is the typical sales cycle and marketing program they use? How do they get people to buy in? Many people sell their timeshare weeks through timeshare resale companies. Why do you think that they would want to sell their vacation ownership? Do you think that this may be part of what we have been seeing lately in the economy as well?…

HOSP 320 Resort and Theme Lodging Discussions 2 Week 7 All Posts 35 Pages .

Compare and contrast lodging operations at large casino resorts versus non-casino lodging XXXX business. How are they different and how are they the same? Has this dynamic changed recently due to the turning events of the economy? Look around you in your home town area (say no more than a three hour drive from your home). What are some of the attractions (natural or man-made that exist?) Do these attractions include lodging operations at the attraction or surrounding the attraction? What is the leisure activity associated with these attractions? Compare and contrast the lodging requirements of activity-based facilities and themed facilities. What are the differences and similarities between these and are they appropriate? Why or why not?…