Transportation Forums

As mentioned in our reading material managers are needed to set schedules and leadership is essential to any global supply chain for critical thinking and solutions (Managers, 2016).  When implementing a plan to distribute necessary items occurs to reduce the risk of BP oil spills it must be quickly thought out and taken a lot of precaution.  With any global supply chain, suppliers must have products for consumers to have a demand.  When there’s a demand to distribute goods and service you must have different mode capabilities to provide transportation in this case of the BP oil spills.  When you’re limited in getting services to consumers, then that can determine the success of a business.

In this current economic situation having hubs locations for areas near the water can allow quicker distribution for vessel transportation. “Oil exploitation and maritime shipping have enjoyed rapid development as countries around the world continue enhancing exploitation and utilization of the rich marine resources. About 90% of the world’s oil transportation is through offshore oil tankers (Zhang et al., 2015), hence the increasing importance of maritime oil shipping safety by oil tankers” (Tankers, 2017).  As more cargo gets move through vessel the quicker access to these dangerous spills occurs.  When oils spills occurs businesses loose money, it effects the environment, sea creatures, and human resources we come in contact with them.