Unit 1 – Discussion 2: Logistical Preparations

Unit 1 – Discussion 2: Logistical Preparations


In this topic we will discuss the practical and logistical aspects of preparing to give your first speech next unit.

Grading Rubric
10 Points Possible


6 points

4 points

2 points

Initial response

Addresses all parts of the question clearly, thoughtfully, and thoroughly.  All parts of the question are answered, but detail is lacking, or detail is present, but not all parts of the question are answered. Minimal response.


4 points

2 point

0 points

Peer Responses

At least 2 responses meet specifications and encourage interaction and/or discussion. Less than 2 responses meet specifications. No responses meet specifications.

Logistical Preparations

In your initial response (Due by Thursday):

Tell us about your speech preparation including:

  • Location (where, room size, lighting, comfort, distractions, etc.)
  • Audience – those in the room with you (expected people, their relationship to you, their motivation for being there)
  • Equipment (what you will record your speech with, the format in which it will be recorded, and who will operate it while you are speaking)
  • Submission (the file type in which you will be uploading your speech)
  • Problems (any difficulties preparing the speech, recruiting an audience, finding or using equipment, etc).
  • Identify how any of the situational circumstances might affect the delivery of your speech.

In your responses to your peers’ initial postings, offer (Due by Sunday night):

  • Suggestions for solving problems and/or opinions/ideas about their situation.