Unit 1 – Homework: Self-Concept Speech Outline Form

Unit 1 – Homework: Self-Concept Speech Outline Form

Purpose: To prepare you to give your first speech and to help you understand how a speech is organized for the most effective delivery.

 Instructions: Review the instructions for Speech Assignment 1 below. Download the “Self-Concept  Speech Outline FormPreview the documentView in a new window”. Use the outline form to help you compose your speech.

Follow the submission instructions on the form and submit it by Thursday night.

Speech Outline Grading Rubric

 Requirement Meets expectations Partially meets expectations Does not meet expectations
Self-Concept Outline Form is used and followed. 4 points 2-3 points 0-1 points
Individual elements of the Introduction are appropriate. 4 points 2-3 points 0-1 points
Main points tell the audience about the speaker. 4 points 2-3 points 0-1 points
Transition statements move the audience from point to point throughout the speech. 4 points 2-3 points 0-1 points
Individual elements of the Conclusion are appropriate. 4 points 2-3 points 0-1 points

Speech Assignment 1: Self-concept Speech


To give you an opportunity to speak in front of an audience and to get to know your classmates. It will also help me to evaluate your current speaking skills, so that I can give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses that you can use to improve those skills.

This speech must:

  • Introduce you to your audience. Remember that the target audience for your speech is your classmates, not those people present to witness your speech. Write the speech as if you were giving it to the class; deliver the speech as if your physical audience were your classmates.
  • Be centered around one central idea.
    • Some ideas you might use as a focus for your central idea include:
      • The environment in which you grew up;
      • A person who had a major impact upon you;
      • An unusual experience;
      • An activity that brings pleasure or meaning to your life;
      • A job that has shaped your life;
      • A personal goal or value;
      • Something that has shaped you into who you are.
    • Some things to avoid:
      • Telling your entire life story;
      • Introducing all of your family members and friends;
      • Listing irrelevant facts, like all the places you have lived.
  • Explain how you see, and feel about, yourself;
  • Show that you are willing to communicate by making eye contact and showing enthusiasm through your voice.
  • Minimize distracting gestures and posture.
  • Conform to a 2-4 minute time frame.

Basic speech requirements:

  • Required outline (Use the Self-concept Outline Form in Doc Sharing)
    • Must be submitted by Thursday of Unit 1.
  • Must be delivered extemporaneously:
    • from a brief speaking outline on 3-5 note cards;
    • with reasonable directness and competency;
  • Must be delivered before an audience of at least six adults;
  • Must adhere to the specified recording requiremeAnts;
  • Recording must be submitted by Sunday night of Unit 2.


Self-concept Speech = 100 points

  • Outline (Unit 1 Homework assignment) = 20 points
  • Delivery (Unit 2 Speaking Assignment) = 80 points

Once you are ready to submit your assignment, go to SUBMISSION LINK on the top right hand corner and submit it in the unit the assignment is due.