Unit III PowerPoint ( HCA)

Unit III PowerPoint Presentation

Several weeks ago, your healthcare organization’s board of directors asked you, along with a team of others within your

department, to research the following two topics:

improvements in the delivery of health care to patients and

workplace safety plans and violence prevention programs and the cost of implementing them.

The time has now come for you and your team to present your findings to the board. Create a PowerPoint presentation of

no less than 10 slides in which you cover the following information:

at least three examples of new technology that your healthcare organization can implement that would improve the

delivery of care to the organization’s patients and

BHA 3002, Health Care Management 2

descriptions of at least one healthcare workplace safety plan and one violence prevention program. Be sure to include

the costs associated with each plan/program.

The 10-slide requirement does not include your title and reference slides. You must include at least three outside sources,

one of which can be your textbook. The other two sources must be found within the CSU Online Library.

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