Waste Product Recycling Science Experiment Proposal Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to utilize the process skills that you have learned to design and carry out a scientific investigation. By actually conducting an experiment, you have the opportunity to make observations, classify variables, measure changes, predict results, infer causes of results, and communicate findings.

Each experiment should include a title, a short literature review, a full description of your experimental design, a hypothesis, a listing of all variables, a log of observations, a graph of results, and a conclusion based on your observations and how they relate to your hypothesis. Although there is not a minimum length requirement, all areas must be thoroughly addressed.

Visit the following website for experiment ideas and further explanation of an experiment:


This assignment will be completed in 2 parts. First you will submit your Science Experiment Proposal with the following information:

Experiment/Investigation Plan


Prior Knowledge/Research:




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