Water Powered Vehicle Background Research Paper

or the individual background research, select 1-2 of the following topics such that collectively all topics are researched within the group. Teams may decide they need to explore additional topics, but should research these at a minimum. should cite at least 2 reliable sources per topic.

  • Green energy: What is it and why it’s important
  • Energy harvesting
  • Examples of water as a power source
  • Position, velocity, and acceleration equations and their relationship to one another

Make sure of using any figures or tables from the literature review with citations. Every topic might not be having all of them but definitely you should be finding at least one of them (figures or tables ). I am expecting you to have at least one of them and listing in the corresponding table of figures/tables

>>>>> Draft report rubric will be followed for grading and this assignment requires at least three pages of write up and an additional one-half page for references section.

project title :Water Powered Vehicle

Team Objective

Design a vehicle that is powerd with water(Green energy) .Which makes itEco-friendly .

Water powered vehicle is cost effective .

Groups objective Is to make this idea into a build , making the car propel towards a 5m target as its first initial test .

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