What are the advantages and disadvantages of exchange rate regimes for IB

Assignment: International Business Analysis II PLG1  The Global Monetary System    


IBAnalysis.jpg  Successful IB uses markets and monetary policy to build customers, revenue and reduce costs to gauge success and profits for investors. Use the potential business product or service you selected in the 2.3 – Assignment: International Business Analysis I, (See Attachment) assignment along with the module readings, presentations, lecture discussions and additional research materials from Modules 3 (foreign exchange markets) and 4 (global monetary policy) to develop your analysis.    

International Business Issues

Using a potential business product or service for inclusion or start-up to import/export for the development of a long-term relationship for your IB, develop the external and internal environments affecting success.

1.Summarize your product selection and identify global monetary policies and foreign exchange environments internal to the organization and externally in the market environment of the area or specific countries your product will affect.

2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of exchange rate regimes for IB for your product/service?

3.How significant are the problems?

4.Provide two alternative country selections for your IB with advantages and disadvantages of each country selection.

5.Based on your research of monetary policy and exchange rates in your market, provide your recommendation of the best possible country and product selection for your IB and why.

• International Business AnalysisAPA format (most current edition)




2 – 3 pages of content not including cover, abstract or references •Include headers and page numbers 

•In-text citations (as appropriate)

•Two to three pages of text body


•Font size = Times New Roman 12 pitch

•Writing should be in the third person unless you use a personal example from your experience.

•A brief personal experience passage can be written from the first person perspective.

•These IB Analysis paper assignments require research from materials (books, articles, websites, etc.) outside the information provided in course modules. •Wikipedia and other non-vetted resources cannot be provided as references. •Wikipedia can be used as a starting point for research. Develop your scholarly references using vetted sources provided by Wikipedia.

•You are expected to provide a minimum of two references outside of the course materials for each paper.

•Each reference should be provided in the current APA format on the references page(s) and show the actual information by paraphrase or quote with in-text citations in the body of the paper.

•Paraphrasing reference material is the preferred method for providing information.

•Quotations should only be used if paraphrasing does not convey the message required by the paper author.

•Figures, tables, graphs, or pictures should not be used for these short papers. •Keep your ideas, information and recommendations brief and to the point.