What behaviors justify putting yourself and/or them in those categories of aging lifestyles?

“End of Life Document”

Draft in your own words your end of life documents: Living will, letter to your health care proxy about whether you wish to be resuscitated or not, and last will and testament briefly (be sure you know the difference in the two types of will). Use all key terms from text and consider discussing all these issues with your loved one.

“Theory of Aging”

Consider yourself, your parents and grandparents; which theory of aging from chapter 25 best describes what your elders are experiencing and what you expect of yourself and the others as you age? What behaviors justify putting yourself and/or them in those categories of aging lifestyles?

“Teaching Module”

Create a teaching module, a PowerPoint or a video that teaches 20 course concepts on the theme of your choice. Post a PowerPoint here. Post the video on YouTube (send me email with URL so I can grade it). Begin PowerPoint with an introductory slide that includes your name, a title that represents the theme and objective of your presentation, and information about the course (5 points). The next slide should be a message to your audience, so have your audience in mind as you create your presentation (5 points): are they Eagle Scouts, PTA mothers, parole or police officers, volunteers who plan to speak to. Psychologists are aware of how much people in the world need information, and you can bring it to some of them. Have 20 slides that cover information about 20 Learning Objectives from the course (80 points). You have freedom here to choose the topics you find most relevant to life in the outside world. End with a slide or two with conclusions and implications of the information for your readers in the outside world. If you are doing a video, include all the information that is required for the PowerPoint Presentation. Remember to relate your slides to the objectives posted in each module of the course over the chapters covered in that unit. You can pick the chapters and objectives that fit your theme. Your last two slides should include a summary (5 points) and a final note to your audience about your hopes for how they can use this information (5 points.