what is science?

Assignment Directions: Using the internet or any other sources that you like, write an essay on each of the following objectives (essays should be 1-2 pages in length, single-spaced, no larger than 12-point font):

  • List the effect of technology on air, water, and land quality.
  • List possible solutions for air, water, and land pollution.
  • List measures by which industries and individuals can conserve natural resources and energy.
  • List examples of environmental planning and waste management.
  • Describe ecosystems with respect to energy flow, food cycles, pollution, and the impact of man.
  • Describe factors of population dynamics (How does the increase or decrease of a population influence the environment?).
  • Describe at least three different sources of energy and list advantages and disadvantages of each.

Be sure to cite your resources for this assignment. All resources must be online for validation by the instructor. Provide the url for each resource you cite. Each essay should have resources cited directly below it. Do not list all of the resources at the end of the essay. Either APA or MLA format may be used for citing resources. You must use other sources besides Wikipedia in this assignment.

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