MUST BE 6-7 PAGES MAX, must look like a ROUGH DRAFT for a future 10page essay!


In this paper you will make an argument for what caused a political change; OR what the effects of a political change were on your chosen country.

  • In your introductory paragraph, you should include:
    • Your research question: it should be either:
      • What CAUSED this major political change?
      • What were the EFFECTS of this major political change?
    • Your argument
    • A roadmap of your paper
  • In each body paragraph, you should build on your roadmap.
  • In your conclusion, you should summarize your argument and evidence, and reflect on why your argument, and not others, is correct.
  • What was the role of the US in causing change and influencing the effects?
  • What were the social, economic, and political forces which led to the political change in the country; or which were affected by the political change?

(For example: “What caused the Arbenz overthrow in Guatemala?”)

(For example:In this paper I will argue that Arbenz’s attempts to address inequality through land reformangered the powerful United Fruit Company, and ed directly to his overthrow.”)

(For example: “In this paper I will first discuss the historical context which led to vast inequality in Guatemala and the concentration of land in the UFC. Next, I will discuss the political and socio-economic context which led to Arbenz winning the presidency, and his subsequent policies. Finally, I discuss the actions taken by the United Fruit Company which led to his overthrow, including their media campaigns and close coordination with the CIA. I conclude by summarizing my arguments and reflecting on what might have happened in Guatemala is Arbenz hadn’t been overthrown.”)

(For example: “In this section I discuss the historical context which led to vast inequality in Guatemala and the concentration of land in the UFC. While colonialism had left Guatemala with a history of an economy which benefited mestizos based in Guatemala City and excluded the majority of Guatemala’s rural indigenous population, the United Fruit Company formalized and worsened this exclusion when they entered the country in 1901…”)

For example: “In this paper I have shown that Jacobo Arbenz sought to address the historic inequality in Guatemala through moderate, legal land reform. The United Fruit Company, seeing its interests threatened, proceeded to launch a media campaign to paint Arbenz as a communist, and coordinated with their allies in the CIA to overthrow him. Unlike in other left-leaning administrations, Arbenz achieved economic growth after land reform – indicating that Guatemala may have experienced both economic growth and increased equality if the UFC and its US government allies hadn’t intervened.”

** Key Questions to consider:

Outside research is required for this assignment:

Minimum number of sources required:

* Three scholarly sources.

* To find scholarly articles, try scholar.google.com; or see the “Political Science” resources at the following links: links:https://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/indexes/subjects/indexes_social_sciences#Political_Science

At least 6 sources total: other sources can be from news articles, trusted online resources (not Wikipedia).

A bibliography, in addition to your footnotes, is required. It should be in APA format.

Formatting: Papers should be double-spaced, using Times New Roman (size 12) and one-inch, justified margins. Please put page numbers at the bottom of each page. All papers of more than one page should be stapled together. Double-sided printing is acceptable.

Purpose of Assignment:

This assignment also provides an opportunity to foster research skills, practice citing sources, and hone the ability to effectively summarize key information.

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