What was the average salary listed for the occupation? (2 points)

DeVry MGMT410 Week 3 O*NET Homework
Web Navigation Steps

Familiarize yourself with ONET by reviewing the information provided on the About ONET page: (http://www.onetcenter.org/overview.html).

From the About page, click the Content Model link, and review the conceptual model underlying this project: (http://www.onetcenter.org/content.html).

Review the O*NET Online Desk Aid found in Doc Sharing.

Go to the My Next Move page (http://www.mynextmove.org/), and enter an occupation with which you are familiar (e.g., one you have held or hope to hold) in the keyword search box, or use the Industry Search feature or Tell Us What You Like to Do options if you prefer.)

Select the Search, Browse, or Start buttons.

Select the occupation that best matches what you are looking for (or use other search terms until you find something that interests you) and review all of the data provided for that position.

Use the ONET interest profiler (http://www.mynextmove.org/explore/ip) to determine your skills and ONET’s suggestion for a match of those skills.

After completion of these navigation steps, proceed to complete the assignment by discussing the learning questions below.

What were two occupations O*NET found that fit your skills, interests, and experience level desired? Provide the details regarding the following.

Name of the occupations (5 points each, 10 total)

Do you agree that you would be good at or like either of them? If yes, why? If no, why not? Explain using your skills, experience, likes, and interests as support for your answer. (15 points)

What states offered above-average opportunities for the position? (List up to three.) (3 points)

What was the average salary listed for the occupation? (2 points)

As an HR professional, how could O*NET be useful in conducting a job analysis? Explain specifically how you would use the data from this site to assist your organization. (15 points)

Name two things you learned about job analysis and/or the job you reviewed that you did not know before reviewing this website. (10 points)

Will you utilize this website in the future when looking for jobs or hiring employees? Why or why not? (10 points)

Some Tips for Doing Well on This Assignment

Set aside up to 3 hours to complete this exercise.

Explore the site fully.

Answer each question by fully exploring your thoughts. More than yes or no or one-word answers will be needed for full points on Questions 1(b), 2, 3, and 4.

Avoid copying and pasting information. Give your interpretation of the information you find.

APA formatting is required. Use the template in Doc Sharing, the APA handbook, and tutorial links in the Syllabus, the online librarians, and Tutor Source, or the APA guide video in THElHUB.

Submit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these step-by-step instructions.

See the Syllabus section “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information.