What was the item that you selected and why did you choose it?

one page Bartering Project
Bartering Project

The purpose of this exercise is to better understand Organizational Theory and Organizational Behavior concepts and practices such as learning styles, working in teams, decision making processes, innovation and creativity, emotions, and individual motivation and change by participating in a negotiation technique called bartering.

Bartering requires you to exchange something of value that you possess for something else of value that another person owns. The project is aimed at making you more aware of the role that emotions and their management as well as learning styles and motivation play in diverse decision-making environments. Following above point:

A. Description of each exchange

i. What was the item that you selected and why did you choose it?( I use I-watch case &stand for apple watch to exchange Netgear WiFi Router, please see below picture)

ii. Where did the exchange take place and why did you choose this location?( in my friend’s home)

B. Discussion of Organizational Theory & Organizational Behavior concepts involved in each transaction

i. Integrate at least five (5) references from as many different journal articles

that relate to the concepts in the text chapters and which are applicable to your

team’s project.( need only one journal article, because this is for group. 5 people in my group, each person should do 1 time exchange)( for the relate text chapter I will upload with PPT, this PPT had 2 chapters, you should choose one of these, and write down which chapter you use)

ii. Give specific examples from your bartering experiences to which the concepts

from the references apply.

C. Discussion of what your team would do differently

i. Based upon your bartering experiences and the OT & OB concepts that you

learned, what would your team have done differently to be more effective in

each transaction?

ii. What could your team do to strengthen itself in future exchanges?