William’s 19-year-old sister, who is not a student.

Indicate, in each of the following situations, the number of exemptions the taxpayers are entitled to claim on their 2016 income tax returns. Number of Exemptions a. Donna, a 20-year-old single taxpayer, supports her ………………. _______________ mother, who lives in her own home. Her mother has income of $1,350. b. William, age 43, and Mary, age 45, are married and support …….. _______________ William’s 19-year-old sister, who is not a student. The sister’s income from a part-time job is $4,200. c. Devi was divorced in 2016 and receives child support of ……….. _______________ $250 per month from her ex-husband for the support of their 8-year-old son, John, who lives with her. Devi is 45 and provides more than half of her son’s support. d. Wendell, an 89-year-old single taxpayer, supports his son ……….. _______________ who is 67 years old, lives with him, and earns no income. e. Wilma, age 65, and Morris, age 66, are married. They ……………. _______________ file a joint return. View Solution:
Indicate in each of the following situations the number of

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