Write a 2-3 page summary on THE DOUBLE HELIX by JAMES WATSON

Check the attachment for more precise description.


  1. 1. Choose a book from the following list, or propose another title to your instructor (alternate titles must be approved by the instructor.
  2. 2. Read through the book.Be sure to take notes or use post-its to mark sections that you found interesting.
  3. 3. Write a 2-3 page summary of the book, using the following guidelines:
    1. a. Summarize the book – 2 to 3 paragraphs.
    2. b. How did this book relate to topics from class?Summarize the scientific concept covered in class and then explain the new information you learned from reading this book.
    3. c. Would you recommend this book to a friend?Why or why not?
      1. i. Was the story told in an interesting way?
      2. ii. Did you think the information was supported using reliable scientific evidence?
      3. iii. Was the author biased?
      4. iv. Did you enjoy the book?
      5. v. Did you learn something from this book?

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