Write a Project Planning Report – How to build a garage for the customer


Assessment Weighting (%)


Mode of Assessment


Word Count (Report)

2, 000

Type of Submission



Description of Assignment

Individual Report

As consultants you have been contacted by a client who wishes to construct a single storey detached garage and needs your advice on how to go about it which will allow the client to assess the feasibility of this proposal.

With the aid of planning software, you are required to submit a short report (Assessment Task 2 – Part B) to the client to help and advice of the stages, processes, materials, tools and equipment and who would be involved. From this report the client will be will be able to decide if he would like to go ahead with the proposal.

The client has roughly sketched a plan and elevation to show their dimension requirements of the proposed garage and his prefer choice of specification (see below). (Since the specific data pictures cannot be copied into the text, please refer to the file I provided for the specific data!)

Following are the prefer specification form the client.

  • The foundation to be constructed with mass fills strip foundation
  • Project to be began in 2nd December 2019.
  • Ground floor to be solid concrete slab with reinforcement.
  • External envelope to be cavity brick and block wall.
  • External wall finishes with weather boards
  • Internal wall finishes with plastering
  • Electricity wiring is necessity for automated door and lighting. No heating is needed.
  • Roof to be traditional pitched closed couple roof with ceiling joists.
  • Natural slate roofing as covering.
  • Vehicle entrance with designer composite timber, automated door.
  • UPCV non-opening window
  • Rain water to be drained to soakaway.
  • Project to be began in 2nd December 2019.

A suitable planning software package is to be utilised to present the project plan. You are required to research on how to build a garage with the resources given to you in the appendix of this document. The preparation of this report will involve of breaking the construction in to appropriate tasks; consider the logical relationship of the identified tasks; durations and resources of the project. You are required to communicate this information in the form of a Project Plan Gantt chart and necessity reports which shall cover stages, processes, materials, tools and equipment and who would be involved. You are required to illustrate:

  • The competent use of planning software;
  • The construction sequence and critical path;
  • The correct allocation of resources and calculation of project duration and overall cost.

Please refer to the appendix for resources information (cost data). (Since the specific data pictures cannot be copied into the text, please refer to the file I provided for the specific data!)

The content of the report should include evidence to support the achievement of meeting the modules learning outcomes and will include:

  • Planned sequence of work (40%)
  • Application of Planning Software (30%)
  • Critical Analysis of Project Plan (20%)
  • Structure and Presentation (10%)

All reasonable assumptions must be clearly stated at the start of the report and where necessary assertions should be suitably source referenced.

Presentation of your Assignment

All typed work should be Arial (11pts) or Calibri (12pts)

You should use the APA referencing system

Please state the number of words used at the end of the assignment

Word counts include the entire assessment submission, with the exception of references and appendices

Work up to the word limit will be marked. Any work in excess of the word limit will not be marked

The submission should be professionally structured with clear illustrations and diagrams that are suitably titled and labelled.


Click on the heading above to take you to a Youtube showing the simple construction of a garage. Please take note that the specification shows in the video is not the same as the coursework brief. You are required to change accordingly.

Word count : 1900 – 2000 words !!!

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