I need someone to write my response 2 pages long (provide every thing on slides) also there is some point to focus on written by professor

there is some details beside the pictures of powerpoint slides :

on slide two talked about the speaker and the additional information I have is she moved to Milwaukee in 2014, graduated in 2017 from neenah, she is supervisor of supply chain department, volunteer on FHE and still volunteering

she focused of having position when graduated still working in her professional

(slide 2) 30 nation operation rooms open therapy in 2016

2 ways for distributers

also on supply duties she did not order supply, she make sure about the staff order them, deal and fix item, meet if they may have problem with products.

in the end of the writing provide her advice such as keep it up, involve FHE, having experiences of health care, and be volunteering of any of your preferences

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