xploring the nature and purpose of human services· practice, including the following: o The goal of human services

BSHS 302 Introduction to Human Services Entire Course

Introduction to Human Services

BSHS 302 Week 1 Individual Assignment – What is Human Services Paper

Individual Assignment: ‘What is Human Services’ Paper

Write a 950-1250 word APA paper exploring the nature and purpose of human services·
practice, including the following:

o The goal of human services

o The history of human services

o Common intervention strategies

Must provide at least 1 reference from 1 of the 3 Major

Databases from the University Library (EBSCOHost, Gale, ProQuest). Provide a copy of the article attached with your assignment submission.

Provide a copy of the Write Point document, a copy of the

Plagiarism Checker document and the final document with all necessary changes made. (Write Point and Plagiarism Checker are in the Center for Writing) – there should be 3 attachments in total.

Properly cite your references/resources in APA format.

Do not write in the first or second person: ‘I, we, me’, or use any forms of ’you’.

Writing for academic purposes takes some getting used to, so this will be a process.

BSHS 302 Week 1 Team Assignment – Learning Team Charter

Learning Team Charter

BSHS 302 Week 2 Individual Assignment – History of Minority Populations in the Child Welfare System Article Reviews

You will be using the academic databases in the UOP library to· find three articles that depict current issues affecting the United States child welfare system. You will then summarize each article in an annotated bibliography (see the Center for Writing Excellence for a sample).

Go to the UOP library and locate the three academic databases under Academic Databases Major: EBSCOhost, Gale PowerSearch, and ProQuest. You will be searching for peer-reviewed articles and studies on each academic database.


Go to EBSCOhost
Click on Advanced. Then check Full-text and Peer-reviewed
Search on the following keywords: “Child Welfare” and any minority population (i.e., “African American”, “Native American”, “Latino”, etc.
Select one article to review

Gale PowerSearch

Go to Gale PowerSearch
Click on Advanced Search
Check: “to documents with full text ” and “to peer-reviewed publications”
Search on the following keywords: “Child Welfare” and “Drug Abuse” (feel free to play around a little with different keywords, such as methamphetamines, etc.).
Select one article to review


Go to ProQuest
Click on the Advanced tab
Check “Full Text” and “Scholarly journals, including peer-reviewed ”
Search on the following keywords: “Child Welfare” and “cultural competence”
Click on “more search options” to explore ways to find articles of interest (optional)
Select one article to review

o Review your selected articles. Summarize each of these articles in an annotated bibliography using your APA manual.

o Type each reference in APA format using your APA Manual as a guide. Each citation will be followed by a summary of each article (not the abstract), exploring the key issues noted in each article.

Your final assignment will include a title page in APA format, and your annotated bibliography in this order:

o Title page

o Citation of article 1 in APA format

o Summary of article (about one or two paragraphs)

o Citation of article 2 in APA format

o Summary of article (about one or two paragraphs)

o Citation of article 3 in APA format

o Summary of article (about one or two paragraphs)

BSHS 302 Week 3 Individual Assignment – Vulnerable Populations

BSHS 302 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment – Social and Clinical Issues in the Elderly Population

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, 10-15 slides exploring the social and clinical issues facing the elderly population, along with common human service intervention strategies. Focus on the Graying of America, ageism, housing, retirement, grandparent parenting, mental health issues and so forth, as well as common practice settings.

Properly cite your references/resources in APA format on the slides.

Be sure to have an introduction, conclusion and reference slide, the intro and conclusion slide should be in sentence format.

Use graphics to add visual interest

You can use the Notes section to add material or explanation,but many professors will grade only what is on the slides.

BSHS 302 Week 4 Individual Assignment Human Service Agency Interview

Perform an in-person, phone or online visit to a medical setting, hospice, school or anywhere human services are provided, and interview a human service provider about the nature of the practice setting and interventions provided. Questions can relate to the target population, the mission of the agency, how and what services are provided, the most common clinical issues, how the core competencies are applied, the ethical situations encountered, and how services are funded. In a memorandum format (a sample will be posted during week 4):

List the interview questions asked (a minimum of 10, max 20) and summarize the responses from the interviewee but do not just quote the person. Do some analysis. Use outside sources as required.

Do not use the word ‘you’ or ‘your’ in the questions

Reflect on whether or not this agency meets your career goals. Be insightful and specific but

do not use first person. Provide a visual aid (flyer, brief PowerPoint, memorandum) that highlights the services provided by this agency.

Properly cite your references/resources in APA format

Use a title page

Personal communications are cited: (Surname, Initial., personal communication, month dd, yyyy)

Personal communications do not go on the Reference page.

BSHS 302 Week 5 Final Global Macro Practice in Human Services

Learning Team Assignment: Global Macro Practice in Human Services

In a 1400-1700 word APA paper, students will select a social issue or vulnerable population· affecting the global community, and examine the nature of the population and social issues confronting them, exploring the macro practice interventions. Topics can include HIV/AIDS, refugees, world hunger, child soldiers, genocide, human trafficking, child labor, or other international human rights violations. Students should use information on advocacy and social justice from the following human rights organizations:

Human Rights Watch (www.hrw.nro)
National Labor Committee (www.nicnet.org)
Amnesty International (www amnesty nra)
The United Nations (www un.orulriahts)
Additional cites may be used as well.

Properly cite your references/resources in APA format.

Make sure the paper is uniform in appearance.

Avoid first or second person.

Discussion Questions

. Week 1

Discuss the importance of informed consent and confidentiality in human services. What are they? What are their limits? What is the importance of boundaries?

List some basic human needs end how those needs are met (through employment, family, friends, faith community, etc.) What are some of the reasons for why some individuals are not able to meet their basic needs? Looking at this Week’s reading, which movement in history do you feel really changed human services? What is the value of understanding the history of social welfare provision and the roots of the human services discipline? How can gaining a historical perspective of social welfare provision help human service workers meet the needs of their clients more effectively and compassionately?

Discuss your own experience in human services (or intended career) and how you intend to use your degree.

Describe the theoretical frameworks used in human services and discuss how they are different in nature from many psychological theories of human behavior. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the ecological systems theory and other similar theories used in human services in helping to understand human nature and behavior?

Discuss the importance of informed consent and confidentiality in human services.

Week 2

Share your thoughts on the evolution of the US Child Welfare System; specifically what do you think is the most effective way of dealing with the problem of child maltreatment (foster care, kinship care, institutional care, or family preservation)? How is this different from the ways child maltreatment use to be handled (institutions, orphan trains, etc.)?

Share your thoughts and impressions of the generalist skills and competencies discussed in Chapter 3. What do you feel are your strongest skills, and in what areas do you feel you need improvement?

Week 3

Discuss the relationship between deinstitutionalization, mental illness, and homelessness. Share your thoughts on current human service intervention strategies, including visiting clients on the streets, mental health courts, etc.

Share your thoughts on the impact of locus of control in the domestic violence relationship, including how the abuser and victim of abuse attribute causality. How can human service workers use attribution theory in helping victims make effective life choices?

Week 4

How have the changes in the HIV/AlDS crisis (in the nature and management of the disease, changing demographics, etc.) impacted human service workers working in medical settings?

How do you believe schools can most effectively respond to the dramatic increase in teenage pregnancy?

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