Working with real data in provided spreadsheets each student will create a climate

model from which they can discover the global carbon budget and make their own

predictions for the next century.Students will NEED to ACCESS the URL…

and from this website, each student will download:the following: description (pdf ),working file (Excel or openOffice) example files (first step,second step,third step) document (scenariosCarbone.gif) open the working file excil or open office file.(open the excel working file).The data provided is from 1958 through 2008 (50 years of data). In 1958 there was

calculated to be 672.05 billion tons of atmospheric CO2 in the atmosphere [measured in billion tons of carbon]. Beginning in 1959, the data provided includes fossil fuel emissions in billions of tons of carbon per year and land use in billions of

tons of carbon per year as sources of carbon from human activities downloaded documents provide instruction as to what is to be completed with the data. Using the data and the model, make a prediction (hypothesis) as to what

might happen in the next century. Use the data to support your hypothesis.

Write a report of at least 1000 words using Times New Roman or Verdana and 11

point or 12 point font. Use citations (required) and provide a reference page. Also,

submit a title page with a running head. The report will summarize “your work”

identifying a prediction or hypothesis. Use data to support or disprove the

hypothesis. Draw a conclusion.