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answer the questions

What is your favorite gland of the endocrine system? Why? What hormone(s) does it produce? Chose one of those hormone and answer the following: what type of hormone is this (peptide, etc…) and what is the basic mechanism of action (target cell, receptor location, signaling cascade…). How is this hormone regulated (releasing and inhibiting hormones) […]

benchmark services

Benchmarking compares services provided with those provided by other organizations. This technique can be applied at many levels from the system to the unit level. Review your textbook for a discussion on this topic and also visit the South University library for current articles on Benchmarking. After reading and reflecting on this information, post a […]

Public Health, Epidemiology, and Health Statistics Case 1

Case Assignment In Module 1, you will establish the foundation for the report by applying what you learned from your Public Health, Epidemiology, and Health Statistics courses to do the following: Describe the epidemiology of tuberculosis. Identify three factors that have contributed to the global resurgence of TB. Compare and contrast statistics regarding tuberculosis globally, […]

TOPIC :Full practice of APN in South Carolina

My parts are ( proposed bill and advocacy) Question description Course outcomes addressed in this Assignment: Assess the legislative and policy-making strategies specific to scope of practice and nursing roles that influence health care services and practice. Utilize advocacy skills to foster participation of nursing in the development and implementation of health policy. Overview of […]

Unit VII Essay (EMS)

In Unit I you selected one of the following two scenarios from your textbook. In Units I, III, and IV you were tasked with preparing briefings which would address specific questions pertaining to the scenario you chose: Considering Malpractice (p. 7) or EMT Response and Motor Vehicle Law (p. 13). For this assignment, you will […]

Carl Rogers’s Person-Centered Theory (powerPoint 5 slides)

Carl Rogers’s Person-centered theory Explain the purpose of the theory Major assumptions, concepts, or central concepts Application/relationship to nursing Usefulness to nursing Use APA format and PowerPoint rules for the presentation 7×7 (such as: use bullet points, no complete sentences, in-text citations on slide as needed) Include speaker notes in the way how it should […]

Technological Mediation

In a two- to three-page journal reflect on the effect a specific technological change has had on your life. Review Peter-Paul Verbeek’s video about “technological mediation” in which he explains how technology both creates new ways for us to act in the world while also shaping the way we experience the world in the first […]

Columbus State Community College Week 2 Epidemiology in Disease Control HW

With this discussion board I will explain the concept of epidemiology in disease control and prevention, also I will apply the eco-social epidemiology paradigm to nursing diagnosis of: At risk for developing flu and/or pneumonia due failure to get vaccinated due to lack of knowledge on preventable and treatable conditions. Using the epidemiological triangle, which […]