Considering the following questions and capture your own brainstorming responses:

Journal entry.

  • Progress: When is it appropriate to use in-depth interviews?
  • Problems: What are the features, problems, and pitfalls of interviewing?
  • Plans:
    • How will you organize your interview?
    • How will you incorporate the concepts from your theory/model into your interview guide?
    • What other resources or support will you need to develop a good data collection tool
  • Workshop
  • Develop your interview questions and save them in a Word document.Post in your unique thread a brief explanation of how you developed your questions. Start with the research question and then describe the concepts that you wanted to explore. Attach your interview guide to your Workshop post. Be sure to cite the sources of your ideas for the questions.
  • Review three of your classmates’ responses in their unique threads. Provide feedback on their proposed interview questions. (Students posts are below)
  • Assignment
  • Develop a draft interview guide consistent with your chosen approach, using the feedback you received in your Workshop.

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