The challenge is based around your ability to critically match theory from the course and journal articles with practical outcomes in terms of your future career options.


Select an entrepreneurial and growth organization and choose to answer two of the four questions below:

Q1. In the context of OMAN, what are the entrepreneurial marketing challenges and what are the opportunities associated with growing an entrepreneurial organization?

Q2. Critique the idea that disruptive innovation and creativity are the exclusive domain of small and new companies?

Q3. Compare and contrast the differences between effectual marketing and a more traditional resource based marketing.

Q4. Explore the different views on traits and an entrepreneurial mindsets? Use one or more example to illustrate the impact that these might make.


In answering the question you are encouraged to look at the context of an entrepreneurial and fast growth organization setting up within the Sultanate of OMAN

The assessment criteria is based around:

– Shows understanding of core entrepreneurship and marketing concepts and their relevance in Oman.

– Shows critical insight into the impact of mindsets, fast growth, innovation on entrepreneurial marketing decisions.

– Based on reliable sources, suitably referenced and critiqued.

– Provides recommendations and gives an action plan that is measurable and practical.


Please follow all requirements:

– All answers must be related to Sultanate of OMAN

– Answer TWO questions only.

– 1600 to 1800 words.

– 5 to 7 references.

– 0% Plagiarism.

– I’ll be attaching some journal articles and class lectures and theories, to relate them with the answers.

I’ll upload the above once I select the tutor.

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