Which of the following is an example of an interest group?

)Which of the following is an example of an interest group?



c.National Association of Manufacturers

d.National Rifle Association

e.all of the above

2)When a person is labeled deviant:

a.the is placed in a social category that carries a standardized, negative identification

b.he sees a change in his social relationships

c.the status of deviant determines the person’s general social position

d.all of the above

3)Which of the following is true concerning “anomie”?

a.It is a state of normlessness

b.Can be caused by rapid social change

c.It is based on a recipe for a French cheese sauce

d.a and b only

4)The life chances of the lower classes can be correctly described by which of the following statements?

a.statistics show a high correlation between the lower classes and high mortality rates.

b.low-status people get ill more often and receive less medical attention than those in the higher classes.

c.the poor are more likely to be victims of violent crimes.

d.all of the above.

5) The theory of Differential Association cannot be applied to white collar crime since few of these individuals have been involved with the underworld.



6)The sociological term that relates to an overarching category which in term governs our interactions and self concept.

a master status

b significant other



7)The psychological theories of deviant behavior tend to medicalize the nature of deviance.

a True


8)The Marxist term ‘false consciousness’, refers to the situation where poor and working class people only identify with teir own interests and not those of society as a whole.

a True


9) In every group, large or small, some individuals have power over others (Iron Law of Oligarcgy).

a true

b false

10) The upper middle class is the one most oriented toward education.

a True

b False

11) The development in the 1980s of a classification of crime called hates crimes shows that definitions of crime are socially constructed and change over time.

a True

b False

12) Sixty-eight percent of the total net worth of all U.S. families is owned by just ten percent of those families.

a True

b False

13) A person who exercises power by virtue of having inherited a sacred position has:

a legal/rational authority

b charismatic authority

c traditional authority

d coercive authority

14) A caste system is similar to an open/achieved class system.

a True

b False

15) The percentage of babies born to mothers who are not married is 6-7 times higher today as compared to 1960.


b False