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Password: Royals1964**

Go to Lesson, Forum in Course.

Class: Introduction to Chemistry with Lab.

*** My Topic will be SILVER ok. Also need you to Embed a photo.****.

To make your posts, click on START A NEW CONVERSATION above: Your initial post over the material outlined above for the Topic should be at least 300 words*

*These must be words that are typed text within the textbox of the Rich Text Editor, thus words on any attached documents will not count towards the total.

In addition to your initial posts to the topics in this Lesson 6 Forum, you are required to also reply to at least two classmates, and each reply must be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. Your replies can add additional insight to your classmates’ opinions, suggest other alternative thoughts on the article, or anything similar.

Be sure to read the follow-up posts to your own posts and reply to any questions or requests for clarification.

There is a lot of chemistry going on all around you. If you start to observe a bit more intentionally, you will notice many new discoveries, articles, news stories, and breakthrough research happening everyday. And science can only be useful and keep moving forward if it is shared.

For this discussion, you get to explore one specific element and share the historical context and modern day application of that element with the class. Your initial post should address the following questions about the element you chose:

1. How did the element you chose get its name and who discovered it?
2. What are the properties this element possesses that places it where it is in the periodic table?
3. Write a sufficient summary of the element in common language that could be understood by the general public.
4. Describe the implications for society, benefits, drawbacks, practicality, and reactivity of the element.
5. What are some applications and hazards of this element and how is it commonly encountered?
6. Discuss your personal thoughts regarding the element.
7. Questions to your classmates that invite discussion and further the dialogue.
8. An embedded picture that is relevant to the discussion. (IMPORTANT)
9. Give a citation of an external peer reviewed resource that you would like to discuss, including a direct link to it that we can visit.

After you find the topic you would like to discuss, start a thread within the Forum Topic. You need not fill in the content—only begin a thread with a subject line that includes your name and the title of the Chapter and Section you will be discussing. When you are ready to fill in the details of the post, you can simply go back into your post and click “Edit” and put the information into your post. By starting your post, you are claiming your podcast and no other student is allowed to choose the same podcast. (IMPORTANT) The first person to post a thread in this Topic with the topic title in the subject line will be the only one to receive credit for the assignment should there be duplicate choices. Therefore, you should be sure no one has already chosen the topic you wish to discuss.

Initial Post Due: Thursday of Week 6, by 11:55pm ET
Responses Due: Sunday of Week 6, by 11:55pm ET

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