AIU Healthcare In The 1990

For this assignment, you will review the Healthcare Timeline webpage at and select a specific timeline for this assignment. For that timeline you have selected, do additional research on healthcare delivery services that were/are available to consumers at that time. Answer the following questions as related to that specific time line and related resources you have selected.

  1. From your perspective, briefly describe the nature of healthcare at that time.
  2. Outline some of the resources/services available to consumers within that timeline.
  3. What factors affected the availability of resources/services for quality health at that time?
  4. What would you do as a Health Services Administrator to provide better services/resources for your consumers?
  5. What is the role of evolution of technology in health care across this timeline? Do you believe it will have a positive or negative effect? Explain.
  6. Discus any future trends of healthcare from your perspective.

Your paper MUST follow the APA format, and should be a minimum of 2 pages in length excluding cover page and references. Do not use a question and answer format. Each question should be a potential heading within your paper. Use peer review resources from the AIU library to research additional sources.

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