Amount of Sulfur Dioxide Produced in A Power Plant Questions

Part A: Short answer questions (10 points):

  1. Coal contains sulfur, as well as carbon – usually in the range of 1% by weight.

Estimate the amount of sulfur dioxide produced if you burn 100 kg of coal in a power plant. S + O2 ==> SO2

2- Describe hydrogen bonding and discuss how it influences the properties and uses of water. Focus on three features.

3- Review the chemical properties of acids and bases; how are they linked to the water molecule?

Discuss three applications of acids or bases in consumer products.

4- Redox is about electron exchange. Describe the chemistry underlying corrosion of iron and the extraction of iron from iron ore.

5- The redox theme: Discuss the chemical features shared by the combustion of fuels and metabolism of food in your cells. Give examples to support the answer.

6. How much carbon dioxide is created when you burn 1 gallon of gasoline?

7. Why do we need to balance a chemical equation?

8. Chemistry formulas and names can be confusing. Why do we need prefixes for carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide?

Or for metal oxides. we see Copper (II) or Iron (III) in formulas?

Part B. Discussion questions (10 points). Each answer should be a 300 word essay.

  1. Examine your personal water consumption using an on-line calculator.

Is your use typical for a Floridian? How can you conserve water?

Examine “virtual water”: the water used to produce food, fuel and manufactured goods.

Examine your water foot, accounting for virtual water using the Grace Foundation program:

2. Use the Earth Day “Footprint Calculator” to assess your impact on planet Earth.

How many Earths do you need?

Discuss specific things you can do to lessen your impact.