Anatomy and Physiology

What are three differences (3 for each area by comparing them (1 a, b, c; 2 a, b, c; 3 a, b, c)** between the Motor, sensory, and Associated Areas in the brain. Identify two of such areas, and explain their functions (the area) in that region of the brain, and where exactly (the area) is it located in that region of the brain? Section 12.2 Cortex

**(1 a-motor, b-sensory, c-associated; 2 a-motor, b-sensory, c-associated; 3 a-motor, b-sensory, c-associated).

(B).Explain the different “Errors in Refraction” (Sec 15.5), and describe the major structures in the inner ear, their structure, and function (what do they do & how) of the various parts?

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