Biological Connection of Pain and Painkillers Presentation

Hi I want to do a really short presentation should be 8 minutes only about pain and pain killers and connect to biology through powerpoint with pictures. I need the powerpoint to be only pictures or a small video that explains or relates to my presentation, the written part is going to be separate please have it on a Microsoft word or any type of writing programs you use. Support the written part with pictures and/or small video on a powerpoint. The subject is about pain and pain killers and how they are related to biology.


PowerPoint presentations are limited to a maximum of 6 slides.

Limit the scope of your presentations to the following:

1. Introduce your topic through the title.

2. Include an outline or list of objectives you plan to cover in your presentation.

3. Brief description of the condition or topic. If your presentation is about a disease, don’t provide too many clinical symptoms.

4. You can include a reference for others who are interested in learning more.

5. Use appropriate figures to explain the cellular and molecular/biochemical basis and the impact at the tissue, organ, or organs system. This should be the focus of your presentation.

6. Include a final slide of the references you used as your sources of information.

Please make sure you follow all the requirements specially NUMBER 5 the whole presentation should be around number five as if how you connect the topic “pain and pain killers” to biology. You have enough time it should be simple and easy you have all the requirements as well, will provide a tip and good review, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW ALL THE REQUIREMENTS. The powerpoint should only have pictures or video to relate to the written part of the presentation.