care plan for a post operative CHILD: Appendectomy

*a powerpoint -10-11 slides attached is the scoring rubric

Create a care plan for a post-operative patient. You may choose any surgical procedure, related to pregnant patient or a pediatric patient. You need at least three nursing diagnoses – with one goal, and four interventions for each of the three nursing diagnoses. Be sure to cite your care plan in APA format. Be sure to cover the following:

  • Description of the disorder that led to the need for surgery
  • Safety concerns for this age group or stage of development.
  • Ambulation, rest, play, toys, and games for this patient.
  • Fluid and nutritional needs for the patient following surgery.
  • Equipment that will be needed for the patient following surgery.
  • Educational needs of the patient and family.
  • Emotional care, for the child and the care giver
  • Nursing diagnoses, goal and interventions for the post-operative surgical patient

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