ANA CODE OF ETHIC ***(3 pages)

NOTE: This is a two-part assignment.

Use an APA format and correct use of English, grammar, spelling and the use of substantive writing/critical thinking in answering these questions.

Use your own words. Use citations where necessary.

Part I:

Review provision one of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses. Please answer the following questions in one or two paragraphs based on your reading and understanding of the specific Provision one.

  1. What are the main points/highlights covered in this provision of the Code? Use your own words. Use citations where necessary.

2. What did you learn from reading this particular provision of the Code? How will you apply the information and knowledge from this section of the Code to nursing clinical experiences as a nursing student. Be specific about how this sectionof the Code serves to advance the professional role and practice of the nurse.

Part II:

What important changes were addressed in the 2015 revision of the Code of Ethics?

  1. What are the updates/ changes? What is the significance of this update?
  2. Specifically, how are these concepts addressed in the Code? Use statements from the Code to support your argument.
  3. As an RN, what will be your role in future updates of the nursing code of ethics?

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